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Updated on: December 10, 2020
Department Name Alaska Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location Juneau 802 3rd Street, Douglas, Alaska 99824
Phone Number 907-465-4652
Fax 907-465-3390

About Alaska Department of Corrections

When you are a decent resident, you may not realize that a particular department is accountable for all disciplinary activities in the state. All things considered, that department is known as the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Inside this department, you will find that their lone center is everything corrections. This implies the Department of Corrections centers around parole people, people who are waiting on the post-trial process, and people who experience the jail framework.

When a detainee is officially indicted for wrongdoing and shipped off to state jail, they will go into the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Starting in 2020, Pride Williams is the president here at the Department of Corrections. Williams works out of the central command in Juneau, yet you can some of the time discover him in the Dock office too.

Williams is answerable for each state-worked office within Alaska. He is the person who settles on the meaningful choices on whether the office is working at the level it ought to, in the office making a profit, or if the office ought to be closed down.

The Department of Corrections department was kicked off in mid-1959. Before the Department of Corrections became, the state didn't have a corrections structure. This implies individuals who carried out wrongdoing didn't go to a state ran jail as there were no such criminal institutions during this time.

During a report dated in 2005, Alaska expressed that 30% of their detainees were spending time in jail in Arizona ran office known as the CCA. This implied that they couldn’t house the same number of detainees in their offices as the prisoner populace continued developing.

In any case, this issue would be at last determined four years after the fact, in 2012. In 2012, all prisoners moved to the Arizona office were ultimately sent back to Alaska's state ran the office.

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