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Updated on: December 30, 2020
Department Name Arizona Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 1601 W. Jefferson, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone Number 602-542-5497

About Arizona Department of Corrections

In Arizona, the Department of Corrections is answerable for ten state-worked jails. These jails are situated all through the whole territory of Arizona. These jails come in all shapes and sizes. These offices will house an assortment of detainees from least security up to most outstanding protection.

In the last part of the 2000s, the Arizona Department of Corrections was lodging detainees rolling in from The Frozen North. At that point, The Frozen North couldn't house the entirety of their prisoners and sent them out to an office around here. At the same time, they constructed more offices for their steadily developing detainee populace.

However, in late 2015, a report expressed that the Department of Corrections had more than 40,000 prisoners in their authority. This report also read that they could deliver more than 5,000 detainees paroled but waiting on the post-trial process or completed their sentence.

With regards to software, the Arizona Department of Corrections steadfastly utilizes the COTA software. The COTA software is usually utilized inside the Department of Corrections since it helps the specialists place a prisoner in the correct office to get the assistance they need. This software is generally used in its central command in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yet, when in doubt, all-male detainees who are waiting for capital punishment will get shipped off the Brown Unit, a development of the Arizona Prison Complex. In an examination, the female detainees waiting for capital punishment will be shipped off the Lumley Unit due to the Arizona Prison Complex. In any case, all executions will be held in the Central Unit, a region of the Arizona Prison Complex.

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