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Updated on: December 15, 2020
Department Name Colorado Department of Corrections
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 1250 Academy Park Loop, Colorado Springs, CO 80910, United States
Phone Number 719-579-9580

About Colorado Department of Corrections

In Colorado, the department that handles anything to do with corrections is known as the Colorado Department of Corrections. Much the same as some other Department of Corrections, the Colorado Department of Corrections likewise centers around the individuals who are waiting on the post-trial process, parole, death row detainees, and the individuals who are inside one of their numerous offices in the state.

As of this current year, the Department of Corrections in Colorado runs around 20 offices. These offices are situated all through the state. In any case, the Department of Corrections likewise has an agreement with more modest exclusive jails also. At present, there are three of these offices in Colorado. Inside these offices, the state doesn't effectively run them, however they are contracted out for a private association to deal with those everyday activities.

At the point when a detainee is first brought into the Department of Corrections, the prisoner should submit to a screening with the DRDC. The DRDC is a device that the officials use to sort out where a prisoner will be set and what security level the detainee should hold. This device is utilized for ALL approaching detainees and is regularly utilized for set up prisoners moved to another state-run office.

Starting late, there is no capital punishment in the province of Colorado. In the event that an offender gets officially sentenced for a capital wrongdoing, they will spend the remainder of their common life in the Authentic Office. The Real Office has a shut guardianship unit for such prisoners.

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