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Updated on: January 20, 2021
Department Name Louisiana Department of Corrections
Official Website http://www.doc.louisiana.gov/
Currently Incarcerated Inmates http://doc.louisiana.gov/offender-locator/
Location Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9304,P.O. Box 94304
Phone Number (225) 342-6740

About Louisiana Department of Corrections

To guarantee Louisiana inhabitants, Louisiana has framed what is known as the Louisiana Department of Corrections. This department is generally necessary; they are responsible for the jail framework structure. The offenders who get officially sentenced and shipped off to a state jail or waiting on the post-trial process or the individuals who get let free from prison are still under watch. This is the department you will manage.

The Department of Corrections in Louisiana is accountable for individuals, from jail to parole. The department is responsible for all the support of their offices and office structures also.

The Department of Corrections likewise prepares all staff individuals. All staff individuals will go through ongoing preparation however long they work there. They do this, so everybody knows the legitimate convention, and this guards everybody while working.

Inside Louisiana state detainment facilities, you will consistently discover a portion of the first-rate innovation. The department always refreshes its creation to guarantee its staff's security and the networks they are in. They need to ensure that they know precisely what is happening inside their offices. Safety is their essential concern.

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