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Updated on: February 4, 2021
Department Name Massachusetts Department of Correction
Official Website
Currently Incarcerated Inmates
Location 50 Maple Street, Milford, MA 01757
Phone Number (617) 660-4600
Fax (508) 422-3300, (508) 850-7888

About Massachusetts Department of Correction

Did you realize that the Massachusetts Department of Corrections has individuals as youthful as 16 years of age in their authority? Indeed, the youngest in the Department of Corrections can be 16. This is because of what wrongdoing they were indicted for. Be that as it may, many individuals in the care of the Department of Corrections in Massachusetts are 18 years old and more seasoned.

The Massachusetts Department of Corrections handles the individuals who were given parole, probation, house capture, or shipped off jail. They do need to control the individuals who are in province or city correctional facilities. That is an alternate locale.

Consistently in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, they hope to get a small bunch of prisoners. When new prisoners come into their framework, they need to invest energy and utilize their assets to sort out what security level will best suit them and what office has an opening. This cycle ordinarily requires a couple of days to half a month, contingent upon the number of individuals enters the Department of Corrections.

All Department of Correction offices has similar systems. Their strategies may change somewhat to a great extent relying upon what security level prisoners that they house.

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