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Updated on: January 11, 2021
Department Name Washington State Department of Corrections
Official Website http://www.doc.wa.gov
Currently Incarcerated Inmates http://www.doc.wa.gov/information/inmate-search/default.aspx
Location PO Box 41100, Olympia, WA 98504-1100
Phone Number (360) 725-8213

About Washington State Department of Corrections

Did you realize that before the 70s that Washington's state didn't have an office to deal with their jail structure? Did you know that this would one say one is of the last states to get their own Department of Corrections? Yes, the Department of Corrections in Washington state was not framed until the 1970s. The Washington state was to be sure one of the last states to actualize their Department of Corrections.

This genuinely implied that Washington's state didn't have a reliable jail structure convention before this time. This didn't mean that they were an expansive open state either; however, it was not as proficient as today.

The motivation behind why the Washington state, at last, chose to embrace a Department of Corrections since they felt the time had come. It would not be until Daniel J. Evans consented to push for getting the state a Department of Corrections. Since coincidentally, how they were doing things was not working for what was happening on their amendment side. It would require a couple of years to change from the department that took care of their corrections to surrender things to the Department of COrrections. This was not a short-term event.

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