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Updated on: March 12, 2021
Department Name West Virginia Division of Corrections
Official Website http://www.wvdoc.com/
Currently Incarcerated Inmates http://www.wvdoc.com/wvdoc/OISOffenderSearch/tabid/200/Default.aspx
Location 1409 Greenbrier Street Charleston, WV 25311
Phone Number (304) 558-2036
Fax (304) 558-5934

About West Virginia Division of Corrections

The Division of Corrections in West Virginia is the organization you will see talk about the jail framework. The jail framework in West Virginia is gigantic. It's a significant trial. It is the thing that guards individuals against the individuals who carry out violations.

Be that as it may, kindly don't get mistaken for the government, region, or city remedial offices. These restorative offices are not in the organization of the Division of Corrections in West Virginia. They have the association that handles them.

The Division of Corrections in West Virginia likewise handled those offenders who were condemned to house capture and probation and the allowed parole individuals.

In West Virginia, the Division of Corrections is the biggest manager. This implies it is valuable for keeping the occupants safe and supplies occupations to these said inhabitants. They additionally employ for other situations than merely being a prison guard in one of the vital offices. You can ensure that you'll get extraordinary advantages and serious wages if you work for the Division of Corrections in West Virginia.

Until July 1, 2018, the organization was the "West Virginia Division of Corrections" and just worked the grown-up penitentiaries. In July 2018, the organization consumed the previous West Virginia Division of Adolescent Administrations and the last West Virginia Provincial Prison Authority and expected its present name.

The entirety of the division's offices are packed and understaffed. Press reports in late 2017 demonstrated the division was short 300 prison guards. Press reports in mid-2018 indicated that pay for prison guards in the state positioned 49th in the country. New prison guards began at $24,664, around twelve dollars 60 minutes.

From February to July 2018, Public Gatekeeper troops enhanced the exhausted officers. Toward the finish of that period, the Fire Marshal's Office kept on supporting the division.

The state detains 273 ladies for each 100,000 populace, the most elevated pace of female imprisonment on the planet, in front of any remaining states and far off countries.

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