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Updated on: December 24, 2020
Department Name Minnesota Department of Corrections
Official Website http://www.doc.state.mn.us/
Currently Incarcerated Inmates https://coms.doc.state.mn.us/PublicViewer
Location 1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108
Phone Number 651-361-7200
Fax 651-642-0223

About Minnesota Department of Corrections

With regards to the Minnesota state government, the Minnesota Department of Corrections is an indispensable part. The motivation behind why the Minnesota Department of Corrections is a fundamental part is how inhabitants’ security would get placed at risk without them.

Before Minnesota had the Department of Corrections, the state experienced issues dealing with their disciplinary methods and offices. This isn't useful for those that call Minnesota home.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections exclusively regulates the everyday activities of every remedial office. The department won't ever rest. The department is continually searching for approaches to improve, strategies to improve, and simply ensuring nothing is traversing the breaks.

The main boss in Minnesota is the Department of Corrections. Consistently, the Department of Corrections includes new openings for their occupants. This causes them out as well as keeps the economy in Minnesota steady also. The individuals who work for the Department of Corrections consistently get preparing, and probably the best advantages.

All inquiries and remarks about a state jail ought to be steered to the Minnesota Department of Corrections as they will be the lone individuals who can help you.

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